freelance editor


Editorial Services

Editorial Evaluation

An editorial evaluation will give you a general overview of your manuscript status. I will look at characterization, plot, writing style, and formatting, and provide suggestions on next steps. This editing package does not include in-text editing or commentary; instead, you will receive a report.

developmental editing

Developmental editing is essentially an editorial evaluation and copyediting in one. I will focus on big-picture items, such as character development, plot, structure, and more. I will use in-text edits to provide this substantive feedback, in addition to giving you a comprehensive report. Grammatical errors and minor editorial suggestions will also be noted in the text.


Copyediting focuses on identifying and correcting formatting, grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors using in-text edits. I will also provide minor substantive feedback, such as clarifying meaning, polishing language, and editing for smoothness and clarity, all while keeping the author's unique voice in mind.


Proofreading is the last editorial step before publication. I'll go line by line with a sharp eye for each missing comma, misspelling, double space between sentences, and more. Proofreading does not include any substantive feedback.


I base my rates on the Editorial Freelance Association’s standard rate chart. I've found that a fixed price based on type of service and word length (rather than hourly) works best—on my contact page, you'll find that I ask for information that will help in determining a custom rate for your project.